Putting a Name to a Face: Our First Challenge

Our first unknown photo for our project is that of a young man. He is dressed quite formally (presumably for the photo itself). The photo was taken by Afelsby & Carr., and there is a stamp that has marked ‘AINSDALE’ at the bottom of the picture. Ainsdale, according to Google, is located in England. However, there is an Ainsdale golf course in Ontario, so I am unsure if there are any connections there; perhaps there used to be an Ainsdale area? Perhaps Ainsdale isn’t even an area.

We can assume he is from (or lived in) the area, because of the photo being within our database. We have it dated around 1865, but it could have been taken later than that.

The information I have provided is speculation using clues from the photo pertaining to the origin of this boy. I’m hoping that the historical community can try to help identify this young man. Let’s reach out to each other to uncover this identity and preserve local history.

Acadia, Summer Student

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