Getting Involved

A huge, positive difference that I have noticed between this year and the last within the museum is the amount of community involvement we have been experiencing. Individuals are reaching out to us and looking for ways to become more involved in both the area and history. A lot of people have come forward to voice their opinions on the importance of history and sharing what we know. It’s wonderful to see!

We have also been invested in welcoming this enthusiasm by holding more events where we can promote communication and connection to those around us. We have had Yoga at the Fort, Historical Show & Tell and most recently, a Genealogy Fair. We have had some small turnouts and some large ones, but each event has brought everyone closer together as a whole.

I hope to see the same successes for our future events, such as the Sunday Tea and the Ghost Hunt. These events were created with the community in mind; a fun, light-spirited activity for everyone. Our museum is a place for all to talk about history and family. We are always open to talking about the past, because with each passing day we realize how much it connects to the present. We hope that people will realize that our doors are open for anyone who has an interest in history…you’ll fit right in.

The very foundations of this museum are built on community and we intend to honor that as much as we can. Personally, this summer has been one of the best because of the sheer amount of outreach and support we have received from people. It makes all the difference.

Acadia, Summer Student

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