Who We Are

We are a small but mighty group of volunteers.

West Hants Historical Society

Based in Windsor, Nova Scotia, the West Hants Historical Society runs a seasonal Museum as well as a genealogy department that is open year-round. In addition, the society provides summer guide service at the Fort Edward Blockhouse. Although the WHHS receives a large portion of its funding through grants, it also supports itself through publishing, research library, memberships and fundraising.


The West Hants Historical Society seeks to preserve, present and promote the rich history of Hants County in relation to the larger history of the Province of Nova Scotia and the nation of Canada.

Board & Executives

The WHHS depends upon volunteer efforts. Our 2024 volunteer staff and executive is comprised of the following:


  • President: Shirley Pineo
  • Vice President: Vacant
  • Treasurer: John Brownless
  • Secretary: Gary Nelson
  • Past President: Kel W. Hancock
Board of Directors
  • Dean Baxter
  • Dawn Allen
  • Roddy Johnson
  • Juanita Giles
  • Karen McBride
  • Tim Reed

Our Own History

April 13, 1973

Our First Meeting

The first meeting of the West Hants Historical Society was held in the Windsor Court House. Twenty-five people attended and Roland E. Meuse was made the president. 

April 13, 1973

September 25, 1973

Officially a Society

The Society became official on September 25th, 1973 when it was incorporated under the Societies Act of Nova Scotia.

September 25, 1973

June 1, 1978

Our First Campaign

Our Society’s first accomplishment was a successful campaign to open the blockhouse at Fort Edward to the public. With the help of the Fort Edward Restoration Committee (an offshoot of the Historical Society) and Parks Canada, the blockhouse was opened officially on June 1, 1978.

June 1, 1978


First Museum

In 1984, the WHHS opened its first museum in a section of the N.S. Power Corporation Building on Water Street in Windsor (the building has since been torn down).



281 King Street

The old Methodist church on King Street in Windsor was purchased from the Independent Order of Oddfellows, who continue to meet in the building. Still housed in the old church, the society now owns over 1,000 artifacts and has approximately 175 members.


Society Objectives

As listed in the Memorandum of Association (1973):

  1. To CollectRecord and Preserve the History of Hants County and adjacent area.
  2. To Identify and Mark any important Landmark, Structure, or Event connected with the History of Hants County.
  3. To Establish and Operate a Museum and Research Library.
  4. To Promote the Restoration and Preservation of Fort Edward, Windsor, N.S., and the erection of other structures and services incidental thereto.
  5. To Initiate and Promote Programmes to further historic interest in the Heritage of Hants County.
  6. To Compile and Publish Historical Data from material collected by the Society.

Become a Member

Be a part of your window to our past.

As a nonprofit, our Society depends on our volunteers and members like you. 

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