The Lion and the Lily


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By Peter Landry (Halifax)

644 pages.

[The following description is taken from, including a link to a book review written by the WHHS’s own John D. Wilson.]

You will be interested in this book if you trace your roots back to Acadia, or to colonial New England. Or, you are interested in the early history of Nova Scotia (Acadia), or of New England.

You will be most interested in this book if you have, or your ancestors had a last name, as: Adams, Amherst, Argall, Arsenault, Aucoin, Babineau, Bailey, Baker, Barker, Barlow, Bastide, Bechler, Benoist, Boscawen, Boucher, Boudreau, Bourg, Bourgeois, Bradstreet, Breaux, Brooks, Broussard, Bulkeley, Caulfeild, Church, Cobb, Colville, Cosby, d’Entremont, Daccarrette, Davidson, DeLancey, Denys, DesBarres, Doucet, DuPont, Durrell, Edgcumbe, Elliot, Farnsworth, Francklin, Goldthwaite, Gorham, Gould, Handfield, Hebert, Hertel, Hobbs, How, Landry, Lapierre, LaTour, LeBlanc, Lewis, Marin, Martin, Mascarene, Melanson, Moody, Morris, Murray, Noble, Osgood, Payzant, Pepperrell, Pomeroy, Preble, Ramezay, Richards,Rogers, Rouse, Scott, Shirley, Southack, Sutherland, Theriault, Thomas, Titcomb, Vaughan, Vetch, Waldo, Warren, Whitmore, etc. …


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