Peter Landry

Peter Landry is a graduate of Saint Mary’s University (Comm.) and from Dalhousie University of Law. He has carried on a general practice of law in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. He has lectured at schools and has run university courses for various professional groups. Mr. Landry is currently a member of the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society and is a past member of the Canadian Bar Association, American Trial Lawyers Association, and the Commonwealth Lawyers Association. Like most lawyers, Mr. Landry has read and written a lot of material over the years in the subjects of law, history and philosophy. Since from almost the very beginning of the World Wide Web, Mr. Landry has had his own personal web page, which has grown into an extensive complex of pages dealing with those subject areas in which he has an interest. His website is Mr. Landry’s site has proven to be very popular, especially to those with interest in the subjects of law, history and philosophy.

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