The Family Book of Fact and Fiction


Author: Edith Mosher

Publication date: 1993

Published and bound by West Hants Historical Society.

Excerpt from Preface, written by author:

The Family Book of Fact and Fiction has been written in the hope that family members from grandparents to teens may find something of interest between its covers. Divided into sections, its short entertainment section contains one short play and several contests and readings from my years of writing entertainment material for various groups who held social evenings, or put on programmes in the community halls along the Shore.

All characters in the fiction section are completely fictitious. If a name happens to be the same as that of a real-life, it is unintentional. Certain events and remarks made by these factious [sic] characters may sometimes have parallels in reality, inspired by memories of a life lived in a Nova Scotian seacoast community.

The Table of Contents is provided below.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents, Family Book of Fact and Fiction



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