Military Burials in Windsor 1914-1918

This post is in conjunction with our December newsletter and our upcoming June 2016 symposium on Nova Scotia Communities in the First World War.

First World War

It is well known that individuals trained at Fort Edward during the First World War but did you know that not all these soldiers survived to fight in Europe? Here is some information on some of those individuals.

February 15, 1917 – Private Levi Williams, age 20, of Pouch Cove, Newfoundland, died of unknown causes. He was a member of the 1st Newfoundland Regiment and is buried in Maplewood Cemetery.

February 13,1918 – Private Frank Lingard Hunt, age 36, born in St. George, Cheshire, England, died of pneumonia in the Military Hospital. Hunt had immigrated to the United States before the war with his wife and child, settling in New Haven Connecticut. Shortly before he enlisted in the British Expeditionary Force, Hunt’s wife and child returned to England. Frank Hunt was the first in the ranks of the B.E. F. to die following its relocation from Halifax to Windsor. He was buried in St. John’s Roman Catholic Cemetery.

Spanish Influenza – October 1918

In October of 1918 Windsor was visited by the Spanish Influenza. It took many lives amongst the civilian population along with several soldiers, killing 9 recruits of the B.E.F. in six weeks. The deaths as they were listed in the Hants Journal of that year:

October 1 – Private A. Abraham Aronovitch, age 29, of Montreal died. His body was shipped to Montreal for burial.

October 1 – Private Frank Kidd, age 35, born in Westham, London, England died. He was buried in Maplewood Cemetery.

October 4 – Private Cecil Lewis, age 19, a native of Barbados, died in Payzant Memorial Hospital. He is buried at Maplewood Cemetery.

October 15 – John D. Galway, a native of Ireland, died. He is buried in St. John’s Roman Catholic Cemetery.

October 19 – Private William Richardson died at the Military Hospital, age 33. He was from Jacksonville, Florida. He was buried at Maplewood Cemetery.

October 26 – Edwin Hartley Aubrey (Albury), age 18, a native of Nassau, British West Indies, succumbed to the Flu. He is buried in St. John’s Roman Catholic Cemetery.

October 26 – Vivian Ashley Dodd, age 20, a native of Australia, who had resided in Stockton, California, died on October 29. He is buried in Maplewood Cemetery in the Strangers lot.

October 21 – Thomas Hope died and is buried in the Strangers lot, Maplewood Cemetery.

November 18 – James Smith, of Vancouver, died. He is buried in Maplewood Cemetery. His death is the last recorded at Fort Edward during World War One.

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