July 2015 Newsletter

Season Kick Off and Twilight Tour

What you missed at WHHS’s official opening day

The cool June breeze gives relief to the short-clad, fanwaving people. Making their way up Fort Edward Street, the feeling of exhaustion could be heard from the occasional sigh or groan. Once at the top of the hill, the feeling of accomplishment pats away the sweat and eases aching knees. The view is marvelous, a scenic heaven for those who have never been to Windsor and an instance of restored justice for those who live down the road. This is our history and our future. Fort Edward: a staple of Windsor, Nova Scotia’s resilience and strength.

An hour before, Jane Baird Barry hosted a talk about her book, “From Cabin Boy to Master Mariner”. There was a large show-up of people, eager to hear about the times and travels of the Baird, Stoddard and Bigney families. Afterward, cake, cookies and lemonade were served to guests by the WHHS summer students, who were dressed in period costume. Kelsey Van Blarcom donned an Acadian woman’s outfit and I, with much effort, slid on a garden dress from the late 1800s.

At the fort, Chad, the WHHS’s head guide, gave a detailed tour of the fort and its extensive history beyond its role in the military. The tour finishes with Chad leading everyone up to the second floor of the fort to see how and why the lookout windows were strategically placed to view the main entry points of the Avon River and beyond.

If you are saddened to hear about what you have missed, don’t forget to clear your schedule for more events to happen this summer and during Avon River Days.

Written by Fadila Chater, Student Archivist, WHHS.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The West Hants Historical Society has an extensive collection of obituaries of persons with a Hants County connection. These obituaries are stored in binders at the museum. The obituaries in these binders have been indexed both by last name and by maiden name. Many hours go into collecting, sorting, photocopying and indexing. Since local funeral homes now archive obituaries in a searchable format accessible to the general public, we feel it is no longer necessary to continue collecting and filing obituaries. Listed below are some places where obituaries can now be found: DeMont Family Funeral Home & Cremation Service Ettinger Funeral Home J. Wilson Allen Funeral Home Lindsay’s Funeral Home Serenity Lindsey Annapolis Valley Funeral Home and Chapel

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