2015 WHHS Welcoming Message

[edited, Message from the President, June 11]


Please excuse the delay in posting this message following the annual meeting of the West Hants Historical Society. My appointment as President was a last minute decision. As a consequence I had some outstanding commitments that I had to clear. I took on this office in anticipation that I would soon be replaced with someone younger, with more energy. In the meantime, I am hoping to introduce a few new approaches that might bring the Society closer to the community.

Thanks to Sherri for looking after the day to day and administrative functions in the absence of a President. I have met and will continue to meet with her in an effort to get up to speed on some current items. The Summer Students are now in place and performing well. We have also received offers of support from some members.

Please give me a few days to formulate some thoughts regarding the direction that I, with the support of the Board of Directors and Membership, would like to take the Society. The general theme that I have in mind is inclusion. The Society is of the community and for the community. I believe that more inclusion in the direction and activities of the Society by the general membership and the community will bring about greater engagement and participation.

We are now well into the age of social media. Most of us have access to the internet. I believe we can use this technology in many ways to communicate ideas and issues to members and the community.

Your comments and suggestions are welcomed.

John D. Wilson

West Hants Historical Society

Executive and Directors, 2015-2016

President – John Wilson

1st Vice President – Garnet Clarke

2nd Vice President – Owen Stephens

Treasurer – John Brownless

Secretary – Isabel Palmeter

Past President – David Curry

Building and Grounds – Elliott Daniels and Dean Baxter

Genealogy – Carolyn and Bill Fry

Media – Website – Stephanie Sedgwick

Director – Paul Brison

Director – Keith Casey

Director – Eric Stephens

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