Strange Pieces of the Past

here’s no doubt technology has advanced a long way. In my time, I’ve seen phones go from attached to the wall with a cord, to a tiny computer in your pocket. The way we go about our daily lives has been streamlined over the years. Often you can see the path of evolution, how tools …

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What Am I? Museum Edition

What Am I? I have two ceramic arms. What Am I? I have a large base, so I don’t tip over. What Am I? I am made from ceramic, metal and leather. What Am I? I make sure you have somewhere to put your feet. What Am I? You can make me taller or shorter, …

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Rules to Teach By

We often refer to the past as a simpler time, when no one had any worries and the rules weren’t as strict. After working for the summer at the historical society I have come to realise how that phrase could be quite misleading to those who don’t know their history. Even though there were aspects …

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Putting a Name to a Face: A WHHS Project

Over the course of my time working at the West Hants Historical Society, I have perused our shelves often. I peek into cabinets and rifle through drawers, always finding something that can pique my interest. Working here is almost like being Indiana Jones; you’re constantly discovering little treasures (although they usually aren’t made of solid …

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With summer being a few weeks underway, I have been hard at work upstairs in the artifact storage room of the Historical Society. One part of my job is to enter the artifacts I find into the museum database. I take photos of the objects and find as much information about them as I can. …

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Another Summer Ahead

As the days get warmer and brighter, our museum hours get longer and our genealogy services open all season long. We’re excited to be open 5 days a week to offer free museum tours and interactive genealogy help to the best of our abilities. We have extensive records and information on many family names and …

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Job Title: Research and Genealogy Room Assistant 2018

3RD JOB POSTING Job Title: Research and Genealogy Room Assistant Location: Windsor, NS Wage: $11.15 per hour at 35 hours per week (Tuesday-Saturday) Start Date: June 5, 2018 End Date: August 25, 2018 Deadline to apply is May 2, 2018. Please email a cover letter and resume to or write to West Hants Historical …

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