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Dr Julian Gwyn, local author and historian, is currently researching information about a list of names in conjunction with some work he is doing on the diary of Jessie MacCallum. Jessie (1885-1957) was 15 years old when she began her dairy on 1st Jan 1901. Her father was Windsor's town surveyor.

There are 300-odd names listed in Jessie's diary. If any of our readers can provide any details about any of the people listed here, please contact us or comment below. Your contributions will be passed along to Dr Gwyn as well as kept in our own archives.

Windsor Names (as provided to the WHHS)

Aker, George C., boot & shoe store
Allen, Jimmy, father was a grocer
Allison, Tom, b. 3 Sept 1876
Allison, Mrs Cordelia b 30 May 1845
Anley, Mrs.
Anslow, Florence, b. 1 Feb 1875; accountant; visited the family in St George, October 1908
Anslow, George
Archibald, Mr
Archibald, Mrs Rachel DeW, b. 20 Aug 1859; lost her Gray St house in 1897 fire; widow; Windsor Academy teacher
Armstrong, A

Beck, Mr & Mrs
Begg [Bigg]?

Benjamin, Percy, Wolfville, b. 30 Nov 1881
Bigney, Gertrude
Bingney, Miss Annie E., b. 16 May 1871; Windsor Academy teacher
Black, Dr. Bret, b. 23 June 1873; married to Florence aged 27; physician
Black, JB, MP
Black, Leon
Black, Louis; b. 14 June 1885, son of J.B. Black
Black, Nora, b. 10 April 1876, dau of J.B. Black, m. 25 Oct 1905 in Windsor
Blair, Miss
Blanchard, Evelyn, 1910
Blanchard, Jean, lodger; b. 4 July 1883, of Ellerhouse, 1910
Blanchard, John, b. 16 Nov. 1868, of Ellerhouse
Bomar, Dr. & Mrs
Borden, Mr Cecil; b. 16 March 1886; transferred to Winnipeg, Dec 1902
Borem, Mrs.
Boroman, Mr & Mrs
Boudreau, Mr

Bowman Miss Florence A,, dau. of Rev. Charles.B. DD b. 17 Feb 1831 & Mrs Annie b 7 May 1834
Bowser, Mr & Mrs Lillian, b. 15 Dec 1865; baker Gand Pré
Bradshaw, Madge
Breakfast, Sadie
Brooks, Miss Edith; b. 10 Oct 1871; Windsor Academy teacher
Buckle, Mr, 1910
Bullock, Mr & Mrs

Burgess, Miss Ellen, b. 10 Dec 1884
Burgoyne, Miss Nellie A. teacher of German, Windsor Academy
Burton, Mr
Burton, Miss
Byres, Mr & Mrs

Cairn, Mr.
Campbell, J. Bernard, b. 30 Sept 1844
Campbell, Ella
Campbell, Laura, b. 6 Jan 1873; lodger; married 23 July 1901
Campbell, Millie [Nellie], b. 2 Oct 1883
Canbie, Mr.
Chipman, Miss Alice

Clift, Isabel, b. 17 Nov 1888
Christie, Aggie, 1910
Christie, Ethel
Christie, Mrs Georgina; b. 11 April 1851; wife of William.M., b. 18 Oct 1851; barrister
Christie, Richard T. b. 18 Nov 1883
Coldwell, Miss
Comlens, Complap? Canlop? Anlegs? Miss, dressmaker?
Cook, Mrs, dressmaker
Cotton, Mr.
Couvey, Miss

Cox, Rev. just returned from South Africa
Cune, Janie
Curry, Mrs Ada; b, 16 Nay 1856; wife of Frederick; registrar of Probate Court
Curry, George H, b. 15 Oct 1867; manager of Book & Novelty Co and secretary to Electric Light & Power Co.
Curry, Janie, b. 13 Aug 1865
Curry, Mrs Cornelia, b. 21 Aug 1861; m. Rufus 31 Aug 1859; 3s 1 dau
Curvey famil1y, Falmouth

Dakin, Lilly, b. 1 July 1870; lodger; m. Windsor 14 Sept 1905
Daniels, Charlie, b. 10 April 1883; son of Hanna, a widow; George’s shop assistant
Davidson, Mr F.L.& Mrs, he was born 24 April 1865; barrister?
Davidson, Dorothy, b. 21 Aug 1898
Denton, Mr
Dill, K
Dimock, Dr.
Dimock, Mr William Kerr, b. 17 April 1857; county clerk & treasurer; & Mrs; she visited the MacCallum family in St George, October 1908
Dimock, Fred W, coal, wood & ice merchant
Dimock, Gladys, b. 2 Aug. 1883; dau of H.W. Dimock
Dimock, Isabel
Dimock, Lil

Dimock, E. Norman, b. 23 March 1864
Dixon, Mrs
Dixon, Miss

Dobson, Rev. William, Methodist minister
Dobson, Ethel, his wife
Dodd, Mr
Dodwell, Frances
Drury, Mrs

Drysdale, Katie, dau. of Arthur, barrister

Ettinger, Laura, b. 26 March 1890
Ettinger, Sarah, wife of William E.; b. 15 Sept 1860.
Ettinger, Rosieu, Sarah’s dau. b. 1 May 1888
Eville, Arabella, b 10 Aug. 1831; d. 12 Feb 1904
Eville, Georgie, b. 1 June 1874; wife of William, with a new baby b 5 April 1901
Eville, Vernon [William] 22 Jan 1868

Farquhar, Alexander, b. 21 Jan 1883, of South Newport, Hants County
Farquhar, George, b. 17 July 1880, of South Newport, Hants County
Falkner, Archie; b. Nov 1884; lodger wih his two sisters aged 18 and 20; brother of C. Aubrey, Manager of Imperial Cycle Co.
Falconer, Donna
Faye, Miss, left for Boston April 1905

Fletcher, Mrs. Charlotte; b. 17 March 1850; wife of William
Forbes, Mr
Forbes, Miss Antoinette, BA, b. 17 Oct 1860; teacher
Forges, Kitty
Forsyth, Mrs, Susan, b. 24 Oct. 1849; m. Avard, b. 23 Oct 1862
Forsyth, Miss Annie, b. 31 Dec 1886
Foster, Mr Robert, b. 10 Jan 1869
Foye, Miss, itinerant seamstress
Fraser, Mr. William, b. 21 March 1863; wife Clara, b. 15 eb 1868
Fraser, Miss Louise, b. 1 Dec 1892
Freeman, Mrs
Friend, Mrs Florence
Frizzell, Tom, gardener, b. 10 March 1866
Fulton, True

Geldert, friend 1910; b. 15 July 1888, dau. of Mary b. 17 March 1850
Geldert, Kate, b. 15 July 1870; sister-in-law to HW Dimock
Geldert, Kenneth
Geldert, Mac

Geldert, Mary b. 17 March 1850, wife of Geo. D. drygoods, carpets and gents furnishings
Glass, Capt.
Goude, Grant

Gossip, Louau. Children of Dr. C.J. Gossip
Gossip, Maurice
Gossip, Mary
Goudge, Grace, b. 7 Sept 1869; with two small sons
Goudge, Grant M. b. 7 Jan 1868; accountant; $3,500 house on King’s St destroyed by 1897 fire
Goudge, Mr. H. 1910
Goudge, Hon. Monson, Sr., b. 9 Dec 1832; $5,000 King’s St. house destroyed in 1897 fire
Gow, Miss
Graham, Mr J.E b. 19 July 1840 & Mrs Jane T. b. 10 April 1839
Grant, Mr & Mrs
Gray, Mr. Hugh, of Avonvale, b. Nov 1846
Greenough, Mr Welton, b.5 May 1860; 3 daus.

Haasts, Mr
Handsomebody, Mr F.T. & Mrs, he was headmaster of the collegiate school, a graduate of Trinity College, Dublin
Harris, Capt. Theo, b. 10 July 1844; widower
Harris, Emily, b 21 Feb 1880, dau of Theo
Haslem, Rev. Mr.
Hennegar, Mrs
Hughes, Mr. Gerald
Hurd, Mr & Mrs
Hutchins, Prof

Johnson, Miss
Jones, Rev. Dr. S. Weston, b. 25 March 1850; wife Charlotte 9 March 1859
Jost, Miss

Kennedy, Mrs
Kent, Dr. & Mrs

Kerr, Miss Fanny, b. 11 Oct 1874; dau. of Timothy & Susan; milliner
King, Percy

Lawlor, Mr John, b. 10 Jan. 1831; wife Margaret b. 14 Feb 1831; dau Frances b. 9 July 1877
Lawson, Mr,Walter, b. 17 June 1853; wife Alice; cashier, Commercial Bank
Lane, Mrs Lizzie, of Windsor Forks, b. 16 Dec 1872;, cleaning lady
Longley, Mrs

Mackachlan, Jessie
MacLatchey, Walter
Marsters, Jennie b. 8 Dec 1872; wife of Brenton M.
Maynard, Mary, b. 26 Feb 1845
McLeod, Miss
McDougal, Miss
McGovern, [McGowan?] Cliff
McNaughton, Mrs
Mills, Mr & Mrs
Mitchell, Miss

Moody, Dr., Clarence; b. 1 Sept 844; Victoria St. house & office destroyed by 1897 fire; insane; d. 5 Jan 1902; funeral 8 Jan
Moody, Doris
Moody, Ethel, b. 2 August 1882; 645 Bathurst St; & her mother in Toronto when Jessie visited, 1907
Morrison, Lori
Morse, D.
Morse, Grahme, school teacher
Morton, Gussie
Mosher, Florence, b. 17 Aug 1883
Muir, W.
Murphy, Mr Frederick, b. 10 Jan 1861
Murphy, Mrs dressmaker
Murphy, Mrs. F.F., Plumbing, heating and water contractor
Murphy Dr.

Newcombe, Lorne, b. 15 Dec 1878; lodger; accountant
Norman, Rev. Mr.

O’Brien, Miss Fannie, b. 23 Aug 1854; sister of Mary Richards, widow, with whom she lived
Ogilvie, Mrs
Ogilvie, Margaret b. 15 Jan. 1870; spinster, nurse
Oreviero, Geraldine
Ouseley, Frances, married 13 June 1901, dau. of John W. barrister

Palmer, Catherine, teacher?
Paney, Rev Mr
Patriquin, Mr 1864. b. & Mrs. cottage-owners of Wolfville or Grand Pré
Paulin, Bradshaw, b. 2 Jan 1889; son of Robert
Paulin, Robert, b. 26 Oct. 1856; accountant & golfer
Peach, Mr.
Pratt, Mrs Euphrena; b. 24 July 1846; wife of George A. Pratt, of Wolfville
Prisk, Mr & Mrs
Pryor, Mr

Purney, John

Rafuse, Mr & Mrs
Raymond, Mr.
Reid, Dr & Mrs, lost their $5,000 Stannus St house in the 1897 fire
Rice, Jessie
Rice, Mrs.
Roach, Ethel, b. 22 Nov 1888; 578 Jarvis St. Toronto, when Jessie visited, 1907
Roach, Emily
Roach, Frank, b. 23 Sept 1871; lodger
Roach, W. Harold, b. 18 April 1886; 572 Church St. Toronto when Jessie was there in 1907; left for Winnipeg from Toronto, 10 Sept 1907
Roach, Jennie, b. 17 June 1884; came to Toronto when Jessie was there, 28 Sept 1907 at 18 Elm St.; dropped in on St. George as a suprise in Sept. 1908
Roach, Jessie, b. 24 May 1865; wife of W.H.
Roach, William.H., b. 22 May 1861; dry goods, clothing & custom tailoring; re-elected as town councillor, by acclamation, Feb 1899; Victoria St. House destroyed by 1897 fire..
Robinson, Miss Annie; b. 3 Sept. 1841
Robson, Mrs. Hattie, b. 10 Dec 1864
Road, Harold
Roscoe, Mr
Ross, Emily
Rosier, Mr. R.C., b. 16 July 1872; lodger; bank teller.
Roy, Miss
Russell, Mrs. Annie, b. 17 June 1855; in Toronto when Jessie visited, 1907
Russell, Jessie
Russell, Kathleen, b. 10 Aug. 1891;ws in Toronto when Jessie was there in 1907
Ryan, Dr., dentist

Sangster, Mr. H. W., barrister & notary public
Sargent, Mr. Joseph A., barrister
Sargant, Mr Sr.
Shand, Mrs Henrietta; b. 11 Nov 1864; m. to Clifford J. B. 5 Nov 1863
Shand, Beth? Edith; b. 21 Sept 1877; dau of Edgar & Eunice
Shand, Ethel, b. 21 March 1871; dau of A.P. & Mary Shand
Shand, Evelyn
Shand, Nonie [Nora], b. 16 July 1877; sister to Ethel
Shaw, Ethel; dau.; b. 21 Aug 1876
Shaw, Gertie, b. 13 Dec. 1883
Shaw, Mrs. Tom
Shaw, William B., b. 8 June 1834; & Mrs. Shaw
Sherman, Elizabeth
Sherman, Grant
Sherman, Mrs.
Sherry, Mrs.
Simmons, Alison
Smith, Annie
Smith, Charles DeWolfe, b. 1 Feb 1846; of Bennet, Smith & Sons, shipowners, 102 Water St. & Mrs. Smith

Smith, Ethel
Smith, Evelyn, b. 17 Aug 1882; married 25 Sept. 1901; Methodist
Smith, Geraldine, b. 22 Dec 1893; dau of John & Ida Smith
Smith, Mr. J. Arnold, MA, b 7 Feb. 1854; principal of Windsor Academy; his wife Clara b. 4 Nov 1851
Smith, Mr Harris, clerk; b. 23 March 1870; wife Annie, b. 20 May 1873
Smith, John teacher?
Smith, Mrs John M. Ida, b. 2 Feb 1852
Smith, Percy, son; b. 13 Dec 1875; secretary of the Windsor Foundry Co.
Smith, Raymond, b. 26 June 1880; s. of John M.
Songley, Kathleen
Sperney [Spinney?], Miss
Stamer, Mrs6

Stamer, Miss Elizabeth, sister of Susan Street of King’s St.; Sunday school teacher with Jessie
Stairs, Miss
Starr, Mr.
Starr, Miss Isabel (sister?)

Stephens, Laura, b. 16 Sept 1855; lost her $1,500 Gray St. house in the 1897 fire; widow; re-married 16 Oct 1901
Suckling, Rossier
Sutherland, Mrs. Elizabeth, b. 1 Feb 1853; wife of William D., barrister, b. 14 Feb 1844
Sutherland, Isabella, b. 11 April 1881

Temple, Miss Alice, b. 4 March 1868; of Falmouth
Thomas, Dr. Frederick R. dentist; b. 8 Nov 1869; wife Mary
Thomson, Mrs, of Falmouth
Tracy, Mr
Tremain, Mr Halley b. 17 May 1875 & Mrs Alice, b. 1 May 1876; living with her mother, Mary Wiggins & 1 year-old s. Albert
Tremain, Miss
Trider, Mrs
Turnball, Dr. & Mrs.
Turner, Geoff, 1910

Ulman, Mrs

Vance, Mrs
Vaughan, Delina; 4 Dec 1851;wife of Benjamin
Vroom, Mary, b. 10 Nov 1886; dau. of F.W. and Agnes Vroom

Weatherbee, Prof.
Wilcox, Mrs Emma, b. 9 May 1859; husband Charles
Wilcox, Charlie, b. 21 Dec 1859
Wilcox, Mr. George H., of Wilcox brothers, hardware, agricultural implements, building materials; b. 13 Sept.1850; wife Charlotte
Wilcox, Jim
Wilcox, Percy L., clerk; b. 11 July 1881; son of Charles & Emma;
Wilcox, Sydney; born 26 July 1881
Willets, Rev. Charles E., MA, DCL, b. 10 Oct 1848; a Cambridge University graduate, president King’s College and rector of the Collegiate School; wife Grace, b. 2 Jan 1840
Wile, Georgie, b. 16 May 1874
Wilson, Miss
Wilson, Mr & Mrs Harry E., druggist
Wolf, Mr John b. 14 Oct. 1874; Mrs Ethel b. 15 Jan 1879, of Falmouth
Woodworth, Mrs. J.A., widow of Clifton House; b. 16 Jan 1853
Woodworth, James B., b. 14 Dec 1876; of Tribune Publishing Co. Clifton House
Woodworth, Kenneth, 14 August 1884
Whycombe Hilda & Madge

Yould, Miss of Kentville
Zinn, Lou

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  1. Hi. I am trying to research my family history. My great great grandfather was born in west hants st croix in 1833. His name was Edward Quillen. He was married to Sarah Jane Quillen. I think his mother was Catherine Quillen born in 1804. I would like to be able to go back further if possible . Thanks, chris from massachusetts.

    1. Hi Chris – I’ve forwarded your request directly to the WHHS. They’re currently closed for the winter so it may be a few days before someone gets back to you, hope that’s ok.
      – Stephanie (web mgr)

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