Hants County History

  • Murder in the Maritimes

    One of my favorite exhibits here in the museum has to be the display that focuses on George Stanley, the last person to be executed here in Windsor. It's a […]

  • textile-plant-2011

    Mill Island, Windsor

    Mill Island by Eva Mumford, Windsor, NS Prior to European settlement the area that is now called Windsor was a group of islands surrounded by marshland that was covered with […]

  • Thumbnail for the post titled: Acadian Prisoners to the Rescue of British Soldiers

    Acadian Prisoners to the Rescue of British Soldiers

    On the 3-4 November 1759, the Maritimes was struck by one of many storms that marked its history. It is comparable to the storm of 1711 and the gale of […]

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    The Rule of The Road, 1918

    THE (Berwick)REGISTER, February 13, 1918. The Rule of the Road. (Letter from Judge Savary) To the Editor of the SPECTATOR SIR: - I notice by your last issue that a vigorous effort is being made to secure a change in the "rule of the road" which in these Maritime Provinces requires two carriages passing each either travelling in opposite directions to keep to their left.

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