Summertime Successes

This summer, as mentioned by many, has been the busiest yet. I feel as though the museum has turned a corner; there is a much stronger, much more prominent community presence. We held more events than previous seasons and had record numbers in attendance each time. We branched out in both advertising and community participation.

We hosted our first “Historical Show & Tell”, which allowed for individuals to come together and discuss history. We all learned from each other and went away with a heightened sense of historical pride.

The museum was also host to a Genealogy Fair in July, which allowed the greater community to explore various family histories. It was heartening to see so many people with a keen interest towards local history. Many of those in attendance were able to share information with each other, finding necessary pieces to the elaborate puzzle that genealogy is.

We submitted a West Hants Historical Society float in the Avon River Days Grand Parade again this year, helping us gain a certain level of recognition to not only adults, but from younger children as well. Many people greatly enjoyed the float and the story it told. That same weekend, the Society was present at both street fairs, where we were able to engage with individuals who might not have had the chance to talk history otherwise. By participating in these community events, we generated interest in our museum while also making lasting connections with both individuals and other businesses.

Our Sunday Tea, an annual event, also saw double the attendance this season. Word of mouth spread, bringing in many new people who thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would be interested in visiting the museum and participating in other events. It was a festive environment; many guests sipped their tea in the extraordinary tea hats provided by the museum. It was overall a treat to participate in. Everyone had good things to say.

Most recently, our Ghost Hunt brought in some new faces. As a collective, we were all able to consider history and what the museum could mean to any otherworldly presences. It helped some individuals really think about the importance of history and what role it plays in all of our lives. We also explored some key exhibits at depth in hopes to further understand any supernatural occurrences.

Our Family Fun Day at Fort Edward was a wonderful event, meant to promote the beauty and importance of the Fort, but also to engage younger audiences in the history of our area.

All in all, I feel like this summer season has been a huge success. We have to acknowledge our wonderful volunteers who helped us to achieve everything we did and the donations we receive that help keep us running.

Despite the summer season coming to a close, our events for the year are not over! We will be having various presentations throughout our winter season, which you can find information about on our Facebook page.

Acadia, Summer Student


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