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Order your historic house plaque – Proudly display the age of your home with our custom-made plaque.

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Order your historic house plaque

Proudly display the age of your home. The plaque is custom made with the date your home was constructed. The weather-resistant plaque is printed in colour on vinyl, attached to a durable aluminum plate and laminated. It is produced by a local supplier and is available for pick up in 8-10 weeks. You can attach it to your door frame with double sided tape, small brads, or display it inside your home. It will show how proud you are of the history of your home.

If you (or your friends or neighbours) would like to order historic house plaques for their home, they can order through our website with a donation of $50 or more.

Note: Home Age is provided by the purchaser and is not verified by the West Hants Historical Society.

The homeowner plaque will be similar to what is shown here, on a 5″ acrylic plate. The date of your home’s construction will replace the “50 Years” at the center.

How to Order

  1. Please click on the blue “Add to Your List” button.
  2. Then click on “Browse Your List”. This will take you a page that shows all the items in your wishlist.
  3. To submit your request, please fill out your name and information. Be sure to include your civic address in the message and the age of your house.
  4. We’ll be in touch to arrange your payment.
  5. Your custom made plaque will be available in 8-10 weeks.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I get a plaque for my home outside of West Hants? – Absolutely! If you live outside of our area but would like to support our campaign AND have a plaque for your own home, be sure to include the request with your donation. Note that an additional fee to cover shipping will be required if you cannot pick up your new plaque in person.
  2. Can I order a plaque for a friend or family member who lives in West Hants? – If you live outside the area and would like to purchase a plaque on behalf of a local homeowner, you are welcome to do so! Follow the instructions while purchasing so we can be sure we are able to deliver the plaque. This would make a nice gift or a keepsake for a former owner or occupant.

How to find information about your home

If you are not the original owner of your home you may not know when it was built. Where do you start your research?

1.    Check with your older neighbours, relatives from the area or friends to see if they remember when your house was built. They may even be able to tell you who built it and stories about the previous occupants.

2.    Look on the listing sheet that you consulted when you bought the home. The date and age of the home are often included.

3.    Look up the address of your home on The MLS® System listing often includes the construction date or age.

4.    Ask your REALTOR® or mortgage broker to look up the construction date on the MLS® System or Property-on-line.

5.    If your property was migrated from the deed system to the government-controlled land registration system, your lawyer probably included a summary of the previous deeds in your sales agreement documents. If not, give the lawyer a call to see if they can provide the document.

6.    Make an appointment to visit the WHHS archives and a researcher may be able to find information about your home. Research fees may apply.


5 inches square


Weather-resistant Aluminum, Laminated

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