Open House: Aug 17 at Fort Edward

Dear Friends,

We need your help.

The West Hants Historical Society needs your ideas for the land near Fort Edward.

Although the Municipal Council has not made a definite decision, we feel we should go forward and look for any ideas that citizens and cultural groups might like to share with us regarding the public use of lots P36 and P65 adjacent to Fort Edward. When we go before Council the next time, we will present some concrete ideas of the possible uses for this historical land.

August 17: Join us for an Open House at Fort Edward

We are holding an Open House on August 17 at Fort Edward to give everyone an opportunity to share ideas and comments regarding the future of this land. This event will be held between 6 pm and 8 pm. If you are unable to attend, may we suggest you email any ideas to, or drop off at the museum and they will be added to the ideas given at the Open House.

These properties were part of Fort Edward until 1967 when they were transferred to the Town of Windsor for community use. We believe these properties are of cultural and historical significance and should be retained for the community and not sold for a housing development. We further believe that, being adjacent to Fort Edward, a housing development would ruin the aesthetic of the site.

Please see our newly-updated page on Fort Edward here on our website for a detailed timeline of that area.

So, here we are. Please help us keep this land for the use of the public. The West Hants Historical Society has ideas as to how this property could be used to interpret and portray the cultural and historical significance of the site, but we are requesting input and an indication of interest from the community.

We need your help to convince the West Hants Regional Council to look to the future and include this piece of land in their vision of the future in which our rich cultural and historical heritage is celebrated and protected.

People come from all over the world to visit Fort Edward. Together we can make it a much better experience for visitors, thus contributing more to the local economy and pride of community.

Once this public property is lost to development, it will be lost forever.

Thank you,

Shirley Pineo, President, WHHS

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