WHHS Essay Contest 2014

The West Hants Historical Society is sponsoring an essay contest for all school ages! This contest makes an excellent class or individual project.

Veronica Connelly Prize for Excellence in West Hants Historical Research

West Hants is rich in history. It is our good fortune that there are depositories for information, artifacts and pictures for these historical records. There are several heritage properties, farms, Fort Edward (national historic site managed by West Hants Historical Society), black settlements and evidence of Acadian settlements. It is the society’s intent to encourage the community to actively participate in and benefit from these treasures.

Download this pdf: WHHS Essay contest 2014 for complete contest rules and information.


All entries must be posted on or before January 31, 2014 to: Isabel Palmeter, PO Box 2410, Windsor, N.S., B0N 2T0.


Winners will be announced on March 1, 2014.


Grades 4-6
Grades 7-9
Grades 10-12

Need some ideas?

Below are a few suggestions for research:

1. Do you have someone in your family who entertains you with stories of the past, music or games that you both enjoy and/or play, or artistic creativity that you would like to preserve? Are there trips to places around the county you find interesting? Or are there relatives you admire?

2. There are many places to find stories related to recreation: hockey, figure skating, dancing, swimming, basketball, golf, curling, skiing, horseback riding, model airplane flying, etc.

3. Local industries past and present: agriculture, shipbuilding, shipping, lumbering, mining/quarrying, furniture manufacturing, greenhouse industry, fishing, wineries, etc.

4. Fire protection and fire disasters and the people who manage them and who suffer from them.

5. Ecology and the environment: natural disasters like hurricanes, (the Saxby Gale, for example), human disasters like accidental drowning in the lakes or rivers, the dyke networks which protect farms from flooding, the causeway, the dams for electrical generation, highways and bridges, trains/railways, wind power generation, etc.

6. Community institutions: churches, schools, hospitals, court house, jail.

7. Community organizations: Gyro, Rotary, Jaycees, Oddfellows, Search and Rescue, Amateur Radio, Masons, Lions Club, Cubs, Scouts, Girl Guides, 4H, Cadets, etc.

8. Native and immigrant histories or stories.

9. Providing food for families and communities: traditional foods for family holidays would include recipes, food preservation, foods for export, farm markets, commercial food sources, businesses serving meals, community suppers.

10. Making a gingerbread house of your home along with a story about it.

11. Local businesses.

12. Family histories.

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