Student Essay Contest Winners: Mitchell Larkin

Essay Winners

The WHHS is pleased to present some of the winning entries from our 2014 Student Essay Contest. The WHHS was a sponsor of this contest, awarding a prize for excellence in historical research in West Hants.

The winning essays were both written by students from Ms Kate Sircom's grade 3 class at Windsor Forks Elementary School. Essays are presented as submitted by the students.

The Doug Dahr Interview

by Mitchell Larkin

Let me tell you about Doug Dahr. He is 68 years old, he loves to do yardwork, his wife's name is Carol and together they live happily in Cottage Country.

When Doug was growing up he had 13 brothers and 11 sisters. He is the oldest and the youngest is 42. He grew up in Port Dufferin, Eastern Shore, Nova Scotia. He went to Port Dufferin & Sheet Harbour School and completed to grade 9.

School was different back then. His school had two classrooms, one for Primary-Grade 5 and the other for grades 6-10, and each class had one teacher teaching abou 40 kids. He got to school by walking, two miles each way. And for lunch he would have homemade bread and molasses or homemade bread and jam.

Doug's mom was a stay-at-home-mom and his dad was a lumber jack and fisherman.

When he was in school, Doug worked in the woods and as a fisherman he bought his own boat! He fished for lobster and deep sea fish. After a while he couldn't make enough money so he ended up selling his boat. He then went to work for a company as a labourer.

That company then sent him to trade school and he became a brick layer (mason). He did that for about 45 1/2 years. When he started he was making $1.61 per hour when he finished he was making $38.00 per hour.

When he was growing up, some of Doug's hobbies were fishing, playing cards and collecting coins, and he still does all of those things today!




Letting me interview you

Copy of the original essay: Student essay contest 2014_Mitchell's story


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