Student Essay Contest Winners: Ella Shaw

Essay Winners

The WHHS is pleased to present some of the winning entries from our 2014 Student Essay Contest. The WHHS was a sponsor of this contest, awarding a prize for excellence in historical research in West Hants.

The winning essays were both written by students from Ms Kate Sircom's grade 3 class at Windsor Forks Elementary School. Essays are presented as submitted by the students with no additional editing.

My Grammy

by Ella Shaw

The person I'm interviewing is Debby Shaw. She's my grammy. I think you'll like her background story.

She grew up in Scotch Village. When she went to school it had one room for all Students from grades Primary to 9.

Growing up was very different from the way we grow up now. One time in winter my grammy got pushed off a hen house and broke her arm on a sheet of ice.

I'm glad you enjoyed my story. I enjoyed researching it!

Copy of the original essay: Student essay contest 2014_Ella's story

4 Replies to “Student Essay Contest Winners: Ella Shaw”

  1. Margaret Wasserman

    What a nice idea to have the kids interviewing the older generations! They should also ask them about their ancestors.

    • westhants

      Thank you, Margaret! There are lots of great ideas that can spin off from this contest. We’d love to see any projects that were inspired by this contest, and we’re looking forward to next year’s contest as well!

  2. Rodney Heather

    What a beautiful project. My daughter was required to do a similar project when she was in grade 6 and interviewed my father. She was required to present her findings in book form and made a little booklet of 8 pages with story and photos. I discovered things about my father I never knew. The booklet has become a family treasure. Sounds like Ella enjoyed this project and is on her way to being a writer.

    • westhants

      Thank you, Rodney! We really enjoyed reading the submissions, and we are hoping to run this contest again next year. Details will be posted on this website when they’re available!

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