With summer being a few weeks underway, I have been hard at work upstairs in the artifact storage room of the Historical Society.

One part of my job is to enter the artifacts I find into the museum database. I take photos of the objects and find as much information about them as I can. Anyone can look through the database at http://www.novamuse.ca/Detail/entities/6334 and see some of the artifacts that are not on display in the museum.

Sometimes I don’t know exactly what an artifact is. Maybe I can’t find a record of the object, or maybe the record that I found does not have a lot of information about the purpose of the object. That’s when I ask for help from the community. Facebook is great way to post pictures of unknown artifacts, so stay tuned for when I need help identifying more objects!

Every single day I find a new artifact and learn something about the history of the Windsor area. I’m looking forward to discovering new things about the heritage of the area I call home!

Jessica, Summer Student

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