Putting a Name to a Face: Our Second Challenge

Our second challenge within this project revolves around a photo I find particularly intriguing. Three stoic young men in uniform gaze at the camera with a nonchalant yet poised air about them. One man reclines easily in a wooden chair, his comrade resting at the arm. In the rear, the last young man stands tall, a ‘swagger stick’ clenched in his grip.

The picture makes up the front of a post card. There is nothing written save for a few random squiggles and lines. Whomever first owned the card had traced in a few of the letters in POST CARD.

The uniforms can be dated back to World War I–the serpent clasps on their belts hint at the earlier years. The badge on their hats clearly shows that they are Canadian, and the fact that the photo is in our possession tells us that the gentlemen are most likely from this area.

If anyone has any information about who these young men could be, please contact our museum so that we can further document the photograph for future generations.


Acadia, Summer Student

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