World War I Project – November 2017

The West Hants Historical Society salutes our local soldiers who died one hundred years ago in 1917 during World War 1. We will always remember your sacrifice.

Note: You can view their military records online by searching for the Regimental Number (Reg No) at the Library and Archives Canada web site as follows:

This list is also provided as a downloadable pdf here.

Last Name Given Names Birth Place Date Died Buried Cemetery Reg No
Allen William Enfield 10-11-1917 Belgium Passchendaele 901497
Annand Clinton Henry Milford, Hants Co 03-05-1917 Milford Gays River 20590
Anthony Gilbert Frederick Liverpool/Walton 27-04-1917 France Wimereux 733098
Anthony Maxwell Mosherville /Scotch 30-10-1917 Ypres Menin Gate 283144
Armitage Arthur  Cecil Leeds Eng/Lockhartville 29-10-1917 Belgium Potijze Chateau 1261102
Bates John Howard St. Croix 16-07-1917 Halifax Fort Massey 1208
Benner Forest Charles Schubenacadie 30-10-1917 Belgium Menin Gate 901869
Brown Frederick Cheverie 09-04-1917 France Aubigny 733016
Brushett Alexander Burin,NF/Windsor 17-11-1917 Belgium Lijssenthoek 513628
Canavan Frederick Maynard Newport 30-10-1917 Ypres Menin Gate 223329
Carmichael Redvers Buller Windsor 09-08-1917 France Bully-Grenay 901478
Churchill Alfred Snow Windsor/Hantsport 09-04-1917 France Encivres Officer
Crossley Frederick Gordon Summerville 15-11-1917 Belgium Menin Gate 478690
Custance James Mosher Upper Rawdon 10-08-1917 France La Chaudiere 901535
Dalrymple James Minasville 04-05-1917 France Lievin 414308
Dill Timothy James Ellershouse 30-05-1917 France Etaples 733092
Douglas Otis Smith Selma 05-05-1917 France Aubigny 469239
Farris Winfield Arthur Hantsport 30-10-1917 Belgium Menin Gate 283040
Fogarty Murray James Windsor 03-04-1917 France Vimy Mem 70280
Gale Charles Henry Ardoise 15-08-1917 France Vimy 1261102
Gass Blanchard Victor Shubenacadie 09-04-1917 France Cdn Cem 69064
Gratto Henry Edwin Shubenacadie 09-04-1917 France Lichfield, Thelus 715029
Green Robert Henry Nine Mile River 12-04-1917 France Cabaret Rouge 488901
Greeno William Henry Hantsport 14-06-1917 UK Aldershot,UK 415307
Grierson Vernon Arthur Kentville 09-04-1917 France Cdn Cem #2 282075
Hensley John Manuel Windsor 30-10-1917 Belgium Tyne Cot 222706
Kilcup Hupert Landsdown Windsor 09-04-1917 France Vimy Mem 832135
Levy Morley Vaughan Waterville Hants 20-08-1917 France Vimy Mem 733100
Lingard Andersen Moose Brook 09-04-1917 France Vimy Mem 733070
Lyon Irving Hubble Falmouth 13-07-1917 France Vimy Mem 80128
MacDonald Frederick Hamilton Maple Grove, Hants Co 09-08-1917 France Bully-Grenay 1258064
Maloney Peter Shubenacadie 09-04-1917 France Le Chaudiere 902480
Manley Frank Maitland 05-05-1917 France Villers Station 163877
McClare Ernest Ethelbert Boston/Mt Uniacke 29-10-1917 Surrey, UK Brookwood Cem 3030171
McClare Percy Winthrop Boston/Mt Uniacke 05-05-1917 France Vimy Mem 488944
McDougall Clarence Hobart Maitland 04-05-1917 Belgium Lijssenthoek Officer
McKay Harold Earnest Newport 09-04-1917 France Vimy 901114
McKenzie Walter Edward Shubenacadie 28-06-1917 France La Chaudiere 222546
McLachlan Allan Everette Elmsdale 04-05-1917 France Vimy 469564
McLearn Roy Angus Selma 14-05-1917 France Orchard Dump Cem 488751
McLellan William Windsor 20-06-1917 France Barlin 282566
McVicar Donald Moose Brook 16-03-1917 France Vimy Mem 116852
O'Brien Harry Frederick Noel 15-08-1917 France Vimy Mem 488663
Patterson Albert Burton Hantsport 15-08-1917 France Vimy Mem 183293
Reid Ralph Douglas Brookvale/Milford 05-05-1917 France La Chaudiere 222023
Reid Roland Coalfleet Hantsport 01-11-1917 Belgium Lijssenthoek 901596
Robinson Levi Maitland 09-04-1917 France Vimy Mem 469302
Selway William Truro 30-10-1917 Belgium Menin Gate 901535
Seymour Percy Franklin Windsor 01-11-1917 Belgium Menin Gate 1057067
Smiley Charles Henry St Croix 30-10-1917 Belgium Menin Gate 222949
Smith John Alexander Halifax/Shubenacadie 17-08-1917 France Loos Cem 901856
Spicer Vernon Wilson Windsor 15-08-1917 France Vimy Mem 733382
Stevens William George Newport 18-09-1917 France Bruay 901182
Sutherland James Hector Musquidobit 30-10-1917 Belgium Menin Gate 901887
Taylor Benjamin Anderson Halifax 04-07-1917 France Noeux-Les-Mines Officer
Taylor John Edward Mt Uniacke 08-11-1917 Belgium Passchendaele 67771
Thompson Charles Windsor 31-10-1917 Belgium White House Cem 488198
Thompson George Purvis Nine Mile River 06-11-1917 Belgium Menin Gate 443097
Wells John William Dartmouth / St Croix 25-09-1917 France Etrun, Pas de calais 3180421
Wheadon Charles Edward Pembrook 31-08-1917 France Aix-Noulette 693141
Wheadon Clarence Edward Port Greville/Hartville 13-06-1917 France Cabaret-Rouge 222894
Wilson George Aubrey Windsor Forks 09-04-1917 France Vimy Mem 148739
Withrow Calvin Edward Avondale 28-09-1917 Belgium Tyne Cot 469764
Woodworth George Clifford Nine Mile River 15-08-1917 France Vimy Mem 715213
Young Clifford Frank Milford 19-05-1917 France Noeux-Les-Mines 488330
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