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A Brief Biography: John Victor Duncanson

John Victor Duncanson was born in Windsor, Nova Scotia and graduated from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. After service in the Canadian Military Forces during World War II he held positions in Labour Relations in Alberta, New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec.

His writings include:

  • Falmouth: A New England Township in Nova Scotia
  • Newport, Nova Scotia: A Rhode Island Township
  • Rawdon and Douglas: Two Loyalist Townships in Nova Scotia.

His contribution to the heritage of his native province has been recognized by a number of organizations: Canadian Historical Association, Federation of Nova Scotia Heritage, and The Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia. In 1993, he was named Planter Scholar by the Planter Studies Committee of Acadia University.

His interest in sailing ships dates back from his youth and he traces his lineage back to a number of Nova Scotian master mariners.

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