Maritime History

  • The Sure Cure of the Cod Liver Oil

    In December, 1917, tragedy struck Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Halifax Explosion, a devastating event, was one that ultimately left around 25, 000 souls without shelter. A blanket of snow would […]

  • The Home of the County Fair

    Here in Windsor most people only know us for our giant pumpkins and for discovering the great sport of hockey, but not nearly as many realize that we also held […]

  • History Hidden Away

    Here at the museum we are always happy to receive new items to be added to our displays. The days when people bring in their old family heirlooms or artefacts […]

  • Thumbnail for the post titled: Putting a Name to a Face: A WHHS Project

    Putting a Name to a Face: A WHHS Project

    Over the course of my time working at the West Hants Historical Society, I have perused our shelves often. I peek into cabinets and rifle through drawers, always finding something […]

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