Author: Summer Student

  • The Sure Cure of the Cod Liver Oil

    In December, 1917, tragedy struck Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Halifax Explosion, a devastating event, was one that ultimately left around 25, 000 souls without shelter. A blanket of snow would […]

  • The Doctor Will See You Now

    I have always had a love of medicine, I think it stems from the fact that I grew up in a family with medical ties. Therefore when I first came […]

  • Strange Pieces of the Past

    here’s no doubt technology has advanced a long way. In my time, I’ve seen phones go from attached to the wall with a cord, to a tiny computer in your […]

  • What Am I? Museum Edition

    What Am I? I have two ceramic arms. What Am I? I have a large base, so I don't tip over. What Am I? I am made from ceramic, metal […]

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